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  our guide through Gorillaland is Greg Cummings, an award-winning conservationist, author, and one of the most experienced gorilla safari hands in Africa. He has been leading tours to the forest to meet our hairy mountain cousins for over two decades and knows his way around most of their habitats, including Virunga, Bwindi, Kahuzi Biega, Walikale, Mt. Tshiaberimu, Cross River and Moukalaba Doudou. If there be gorillas in them thar hills, Greg’s met them.

By the time he was 10 years old he had visited the most westerly and easterly ranges of the Gorilla - in Nigeria and Uganda. And he has spent almost his entire life in the Rift Valley - in Tanzania and Kenya as a boy, and in Ethiopia, Uganda, Congo and Rwanda, during later careers in journalism and wildlife conservation. He was Executive Director of the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund for seventeen years and helped design an award winning conservation programme to help guarantee the long-term survival of gorillas in the wild.  Click to see what else Greg’s been up to...

Unlike his novels, Greg’s treks are always the safest. He and his team of safari experts consider your well being at all times. Your comfort and security is their number one priority. Greg’s broad understanding of the geography, language and customs of the region, and his extensive network of personal contacts involved at all levels of government and in gorilla tourism, make Gorillaland Safaris your best choice for gorilla trekking. Enjoyment is guaranteed!


Didrick Jonck shot this lovely footage of an infant gorilla frolicking in ferns in Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park. The scene was recorded for Richard Bangs’s web-based adventure magazine to mark World Water Day 2006. Gorilla Greg was their guide (see video below).

In February 2007, Greg was interviewed on the Today Show in New York City, alongside Tom Brokaw.

Greg also led treks for media moguls Rob GlaserBarry Diller and Dr Nathan Myhrvold

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Excerpt from BBC's Apes in Danger, about the threats to the Eastern lowland gorilla posed by coltan mining in Kahuzi Biega National Park in the Congo. Leonardo DiCaprio and Sir Arthur C. Clarke joined the campaign for “gorilla-friendly technology” to support the Durban Process.

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