Mountain Gorilla Trekking

Mountain gorilla trekking is an exceptional experience of its kind. The excitement that is built within this adventure is incredibly incomparable especially at moment of face to face encounter with the wild mountain gorillas. Visiting other destinations is usual thing whereas East Africa is another dramatic destination that one must pay a visit to! East Africa a hub for world’s rare mountain gorillas; talk about unique destinations and exclusively, Uganda and Rwanda come on top of the list as distinguished places for mountain gorilla safaris. Uganda and Rwanda are the best countries that have positioned the East African region on the world map as specifically for mountain gorilla adventures. Across the world, there are less than 900 mountain gorillas that are still living and Uganda is a home to about 480 individuals which also represents half of world’s mountain gorillas while Rwanda is composed of third of all the mountain gorillas in the Virunga Massif. Never miss great moments of your life in the deep jungles of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Volcanoes National Park. In Uganda, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park are UNSCO designated heritage sites where the mountain gorillas can be found. Most importantly, the earlier you plan for your mountain gorilla safari in East Africa, the better things will be positive on your side. Take note of the peak season specifically in the months of June-September and December-January! During these months, mountain gorilla destinations receive high number of tourists that is why it is necessary for you to contact “Maranatha Tours and Travel” to help you arrange your safari in East Africa as early as possible.

The cost of mountain gorilla trekking permits

Gorilla permit is an important tool when it comes to mountain gorilla trekking experiences. Like flight ticket, the gorilla permit is also a must for you to hold and it contains your details. Mountain gorilla permits facilitate you to go for the trek and once you have it then you get about 95% chances to visit the mountain gorilla family, let the remaining percentage be for other things like “Do’s” and “Don’ts.” Please note that, by simply holding gorilla permits doesn’t guarantee you 100% to see these impressive creatures in the wild! However, there are skilled personnel that will help to locate where the mountain gorillas can be found before a group is set off for the trek.

Uganda’s gorilla trekking permits cost $600 during the peak season while in the months of April, May and November-the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) offers discounted gorilla permits at $450 for foreign none residents, $400 for foreign residents and sh.150000 for East African nationals. There are 96 gorilla permits available in Uganda and this implies 88 gorilla permits for Bwindi and 8 are for Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. For Rwanda, the mountain gorilla trekking permits cost $1500.

Have you ever thought about the best country for mountain gorilla trekking? Find out it now!

If you have ever heard about the “pearl of Africa”, then you have no reason to doubt about Uganda’s safaris. Mountain gorilla safaris in Uganda never leave visitor with boredom because there are range of fantastic experiences right from chimpanzee tracking, Golden Monkey Tracking, Volcano hikes and climbs, birding, game viewing, romantic chill out at Lakes and then refresh the mind in the 5 (five) of the savannah national parks not excluding the most remote, isolated destination and less crowded national park in East African region “Kidepo National Park.” You have a variety to choose prior remarkable mountain gorilla adventures in South-Western side Uganda. Your safari can begin at Entebbe Uganda or start it from Kigali Rwanda and then sum it up in Uganda or Rwanda.

In conclusion, gorilla trekking is a strenuous adventure and your fitness is vital for this experience. There is or no difference between mountain gorilla trekking in Uganda and Rwanda, however they equally offer amazing experiences to visitors. Note that, only three countries offer you the opportunity to track the rare mountain gorillas in the wild and no where else except Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo. But due to insecurity in DRC, gorilla trekking is not all that vibrant compared to Uganda and Rwanda. Combine your safari in Uganda with Rwanda and explore the unique experiences that each destination has in offer for you!