Rwanda’s Mountain Gorilla Rally to Improve Tourism

Rwanda is one of the only 3 destinations in the world where the rare mountain gorillas are protected. The other 2 incredible destinations include Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. These 3 countries offer trekkers with only 4 options to spark their imaginations with the rarest wild primates in their natural habitat and no where else except only Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, Southwestern Uganda, Volcanoes National Park in Northwestern Rwanda and the Virunga National Park, Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. Rwanda Gorilla Safaris & Uganda Primate watching trips always feature on top list due to safety and prevailing peace in both countries. Tracking these great apes in the Democratic Republic of Congo equally rewards visitors with the most remarkable experiences of life time.

There are fewer than 900 mountain gorillas that still thrive in the entire world and Rwanda is proud to be a home to over 360 mountain gorillas, taking the largest population of all the gorillas that live within the Virunga Mountains. Rwanda’s tourism has drastically increased due to aggressive marketing strategies from the government as well as partnerships with other stakeholders in terms of mountain gorilla conservation.

Despite several marketing strategies used by the Rwanda government, the impact of Mountain Gorilla Rally competitions should not be left out. Rwanda Mountain Gorilla Rally was initially called the “Fraternity Rally,” an international rally racing event organized by the Rwanda Automobile Club. The rally is conducted in Kigali Rwanda and it comprises of African Rally Championship and the Rwandan National Rally Championship. The Fraternity Rally started in 1999 as a motorsport that re-established itself after the Rwandan Civil War. It started as a cross border rally that began in Kampala, Uganda prior finishing in Kigali. The rally turned to be part of the African championships the next year, after Rwanda was suspended in 1988. For the previous years, the Uganda portion of the event declined and later renamed the “Rwanda Mountain Gorilla Rally” in 2002. For several years, Burundi driver Rudy Cantanhede has been the most successful driver in the rallies history with 3 wins to his credit. Italian born local driver Giancarlo Davite also has 2 wins to his credit.

It is not surprising that Mountain Gorilla Rally competitions have extended to various places including East Africa; Ivory Coast, South Africa, Zambia and currently in Rwanda. The good news is that, the 2017 Africa Rally Championship (ARC) is expected to take place in Kigali-Bugesera as Rwanda Mountain Gorilla Rally come September 8th (Friday) and 10th (Sunday). The Rwanda leg will mark 6th round on the 7 race continental motorsport calendar. It is expected to lure the top local, regional and continental drivers.

Benefits of the Rwanda Mountain Gorilla Rally 2017

For the local drivers, this will be time for points in pursuit of the national championship. The Rwanda Mountain Gorilla Rally is advancing to a higher level thereby hosting the most acknowledged drivers in the race that in turn aides in spreading awareness to many people about the event and thus escalating more gorilla tracking tours in Rwanda. The Rwanda tourism industry however conveys more regard to every one, government, partners and sponsors for the continued support that has yielded success in the races thus fostering mountain gorilla tours.

Rwanda Mountain Gorilla Rally helps in creating awareness about tourism industry nationally, regionally and internationally and given the fact that this event takes place in various regions, it therefore results into more mountain gorilla trekking tours. The gorilla rally also aides to unite various parts of the world as one thus they work together to develop the tourism and increase more tourist attractions so as to lure more visitors hence increasing revenues to the government from the tourism industry.

On the other hand, the rallies are also a source of employment opportunities to the people. Besides, it aides in skill development and in a long run, enhances their talents given the fact that all people across the world, are free to join the races. Through mountain Gorilla Rallies, domestic tourism is also promoted as several nationals are lured to participate in the race and return benefits tourism and boosts the gorilla trekking safaris in Rwanda.

The competitions are also one of the ways to boost conservation and protection of mountain gorillas since the money that is generated from this race is used for funding the several gorilla programs in various parts that helps to increase the population of visitors traveling for gorilla tracking.

In conclusion, the Rwanda Mountain Gorilla Rally is an opportunity for Rwanda to market its tremendous wild mountain gorillas to the world travelers. At the end of it all, increases the number visitors and hence boosts the tourism sector of the country. Gorilla trekking in Rwanda is conducted in Volcanoes National Park, Northwestern Rwanda. It is proud to be a home to over 360 gorillas with 10 Habituated Families for tourists to catch a glimpse of these world’s fascinating primates.