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Looking to a gorilla safari in Uganda or Rwanda? We have compiled a list of the best tour operators offering organising gorilla trekking tours in Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. We match you with top tour companies that specialize in the trip you want, whether it’s a customized private tour or a group tour.

Why Use Local Tour Operators?

Planning a gorilla safari is not something easy. It involves a lot of logistics – from booking the gorilla permits to planning and transportation logistics through remote areas. Browse the list of the different gorilla safari companies that you can use to plan your safari.

Listing of the Top Tour Operators

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Featured Tour Operators

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Tour Operator Listing

Africa Tours Adventure

Congo Gorilla Safaris
Remera Kigali Rwanda
Phone: +256392159498

Congo Gorilla Tours
Goma, Eastern DRC
Telephone:+250n782 338608

Go Gorilla Trekking
Room 03B, Najjanankumbi
Kampala, Uganda
Tel: +256 792 187888

Gorillaland Safaris
Zana, Entebbe Road
Kampala, Uganda
Tel: +256 790 890950

Mountain Gorilla Tours
Entebbe Road, Kampala
Tel: +256 712 172005

Safari Gorillas
Najja House,
Najjanankumbi stella, Kampala.
Tel: +256 772 552 950