Gorilla Safaris

Imagine trekking through lush-green forests of East – Central Africa, serenaded by nature’s orchestra of scintillating bird calls, monkey hoots and the occasional elephant trumpet. Your tracker beats a path through the dense foliage and silver mist swirl, when suddenly there they are…gorillas! It’s a moment you’ll never forget. All this is possible on a gorilla safari through various countries.

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AFRICA ALL THE WAY SAFARI –Ten weeks you’ll never forget!

Journey through Kenya Tanzania Uganda Malawi Zambia Zimbabwe Botswana Namibia Mozambique South Africa for the best wildlife in the world! Get up close and personal to streaking herds of zebra, buffalo, wildebeeste and antelope. Watch the spectacular sight of a million pink flamingo take off gracefully like a giant carpet over Lake Naivasha. Walk on the wild side–up close to the white rhino of Rhodes Matopos National Park.

See the cumbersome, yet surprisingly agile hippo emerge at night from the water, eyes twinkling like earthbound stars in the moonlit african night. Lions! Elephants! Cheetahs! Leopards! Giraffe! Get to see them all like never before!

Visit places that until now were just romantic images trapped between the pages of an epic adventure novel or scenes from the silver screen: Masai Mara; Lake Victoria; Zanzibar Island; Victoria Falls; Jinja…source of the River Nile; The Great Rift Valley and more!

Get to meet the amazing Mountain Gorillas in their beautiful natural habitat on the edge of the fabled Mountains of the Moon–the snow-tipped Ruwenzori Mountains…and much much more! Click for more details.


14 Days of Unforgettable Sights and Sounds…The images of this exciting african trip — starting in Kenya, winding through the abundance of her wildlife in the famous Masai Mara Game Park and Lake Nakuru National Park –Elephants! Lions! Cheetah! Giraffe! Zebra! Waterbuck! Hyenas! Just to name a few… then serenading east through the sheer beauty of Uganda (The Pearl of Africa) where you finally get to see the sensational Mountain Gorillas…and more– will be forever etched in your memory! Click for more details


21 days of of riveting african adventure! Watch the heavyset, yet surprisingly nimble hippo lumber ashore at night from the depths of the enchantingly beautiful Lake Naivasha. See zebra, buffalo and antelope herds race across the plains…even get a more personal experience on top of a bike! Visit Elsamere, once home of Joy Adamson and Elsa the lion, of Born Free fame. Get ready to be awed by the sheer magnificence of the Rift Valley and the expanse of Lake Victoria (2nd largest lake in the world). Crown it all with a visit to the powerful yet gentle giants (gorillas) on the edge of the Ruwenzori Mountains. Click for more details


Take a walk on the Wild Side of Eden on the Ultimate Primate Safari! …through dense lush-green forest shrouded in silver-white mist swirl. Listen to nature’s orchestra of scintillating bird calls, monkey shrieks and chimpanzee hoots! Then experience the magic of an ethereal nightwalk through Kibale Forest tracking Bushbabies, Galagos, Pottos and Night Jars with flash lights under twinkling stars. And of course get ready to be awed by an unforgettable encounter with the gorillas of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest! Click for more details


35 Days in Africa–Wildlife Paradise! The Serengeti! Masai Mara! Lake Nakuru! Ngorongoro Crater! Victoria Falls! Mgahinga! Bwindi Impenetrable Forest! Lake Bunyoni! Get to see these legendary locations synonymous with the best wildlife…Elephants! Lions! Rhino! Zebra! Antelope! Giraffe! Cheetahs! Leopards! Hippos! Gorillas! See them all like never before.

Buckle up and prepare for this sensational safari adventure-filled trip through some of Africa’s most beautiful countries show-casing the best-of-the best in wildlife!


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