Discounted Gorilla Permits Attract More Tourists to Uganda



Every year Uganda discounts gorilla permits in April, May and November a thing that attract hundreds to the country to fulfill their travel dream at affordable rates. Even when you miss the offer at the beginning of year, you can still catch up with it in November as the year’s wave’s good bye. It’s just a matter of planning well and reserves your gorilla permit in good time.Oh look November is around the corner for whoever missed to track mountain gorillas on budget in either Bwindi Impenetrable Forest or Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. Uganda is a rich tourism heritage country with a lot to see and experience but mountain gorillas are the country’s prime tourist attraction that draws many to the country every year. When you visit Uganda and you don’t see gorillas, your visit is regarded incomplete because it has no trip to Bwindi impenetrable forest or Mgahinga National Park-the two mountain gorilla parks in the country.

Did you know gorilla tourism in Uganda contributes big to the country’s economy and its spear heads development in many areas. According to Justice Tibesigwa the park conservation manager for Bwindi forest and Mgahinga national park area, both national parks sell around 18000 gorilla permits annually   at a cost of $600 a price for foreign travelers in respect of conservation and natural beauty and the Uganda Wildlife Authority supports multiple community projects with shs 900million annually .Therefore gorilla tourism benefits both the government and the people.

Initially travelers could look at April May and November as low season months  of the year but today it’s very hard to tell whether its low or high season  in Uganda because the demand for gorilla tourism is the same. Tourists book gorillas permits normally in April, May and November because they can save big and still enjoy their gorilla safari experience just like those who visit the country in June- October and December –March. Gorilla tracking in Uganda is all year so no matter when you visit the country, the wonderful memorable experience is all you should expect.

Discounted Gorilla Permits

Today Uganda Discounted gorilla permits cost $450 a price that allows travelers to save big for other safari essentials like transport and accommodation. Besides the saving can also clear something on your next vacation either with in Uganda or in other places of your interest. April, May and November are the best times to track mountain gorillas in Uganda on budget and a perfect time for affordable gorilla safari tours in Africa. Be among those who contribute to the development of many local community projects as well as mountain gorilla conservation in Africa that is if you love nature and primates. There are many other activities to enjoy while on a Uganda gorilla safari tour  and they include golden monkey trekking, volcano hiking, Batwa Trail tour, cultural tour, nature walk, bird watching and many more. The recent data of mountain gorilla census indicate that Bwindi –Mgahinga areas have half of the world living population of mountain gorillas which is all in Uganda so this makes all Uganda gorilla safaris very exceptional and outstanding. Still the results attract more tourists on addition to discounted gorilla permits.


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