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How to Find Cheap Gorilla Treks in Africa

The heartbeat of Africa is wildlife, primates, culture and landscape but gorilla holidays featuring golden monkey treks, cultural visits and gorilla trekking itself is the eye of primate lovers in Africa. You may have hard about several ways of booking a cheap gorilla trek but possibly the best way to book short gorilla tours and also travel during low season months. Booking a short gorilla trekking tour and traveling in low season months is more than 50% cheaper than booking a long gorilla trekking tour and travelling in the considered high season months of June –October and December –March. Be among lucky tourists and save not only on gorilla permits, but on accommodation and transport as well during April, May and November. Although you will want to use public transport for long journeys, gorilla tours in Rwanda are ideal for those with private transport since some gorilla starting points are found in a far distance to the briefing point. So would highly recommend the 1-2 days Rwanda gorilla tour and save on accommodation and time.

But if tracking gorillas in Uganda, public transport can do in all aspects and it’s easy to connect too many hidden attractions. Even in busy   travel season, it’s easy to actually connect to the park by Bus or private car. Bwindi forest in Uganda is a home of amazing mountain gorillas and many interesting adventures including birding, hiking, culture traditions, leisurely weather etc. So if your visit to the park is to see gorillas and other forest habitats, then your stay will be coloured with variety including free attractions like the forest walk, village walk, free coffee, free monkey excursions etc. Besides seeing mountain gorillas here isn’t expensive, just buy your gorilla permit or book a group gorilla tour in the gorilla permit discounted months. You can also visit the Batwa the ancestral people of the forest and it’s cheap to book even at last minute. If you know what to see, embark on a budget gorilla trek and get your eyes on it.

The Uganda gorilla permits are often cheap and affordable in all seasons and a lot can be discovered on the way. The Uganda Equator, Wildlife at Lake Mburo, hiking and culture mix at Igongo cultural museum, forest walk, Lake Bunyonyi islands, boat cruise on Lake Bunyonyi Lake, pygmy experience, community retreats and many more. Book online and in advance and just pick your trip details after arrival or wait for the pickup time updates on the day your trip starts. This will give you time to organize yourself well for the trip. Don’t forget to compare prices and offers by shopping around for cheap gorilla tour offers since it’s another best way tourists travel cheap and happy. Strong bargaining power with earn you the cheapest gorilla trip offer during your Africa travel holiday. However, if you looking for cheap gorilla trek in Africa, use my logic and enjoy the results.


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