Gorilla Trek Solo

Step by Step Guide to Planning Gorilla Safari

Gorilla trekking in Africa is regarded as the one of the most amazing wildlife encounters by nature lovers and primate enthusiast across the world. These magnificent giant apes are categorized under the IUCN red list among the most endangered species and can only be found in Uganda’s Bwindi impenetrable forest and Virunga ranges shared by Uganda, Rwanda and Congo. Before you even confirm booking a gorilla safari with a travel company, you need to know basic steps to take and what to pack if you wish to have a successful trip.

Step 1 – Go Online

Start your search for best companies offering affordable gorilla safaris in Uganda, Rwanda or the Democratic Republic of Congo. Google and Yahoo are the two most popular search engines that will offer you the best results listing company sites by word relevance and reputation. Visit the website and check through the itineraries, contact them by form, email or call the reservations number.  Remember to choose a reputable and trusted company with good reviews.

Step 2- Book gorilla permits

Once you have confirmed the tour itinerary you want, you will be requested to send in money for the gorilla permits for each per person you will be travelling with. A trekking permit in UGanda costs US$ 600 per person during the high season and only US$ 450 per person during the low season while its much more expensive in Rwanda costing US$ 700 per person for all seasons. As soon as the transfer is confirmed, the company representative will visit the tourism offices and reserve the permits as we wait for your arrival.
Step 3 – Book your flight

After you have confirmed reservation of the trip and permits, it’s now time to book a flight to the country where you will be doing the gorilla trek. Go to the nearest booking agent in your area and reserve tickets for you, your loved ones or group for the stated itinerary date of arrival at the airport.

 Step 4- Packing for gorilla safari

After you have booked your flight, it’s now time to get packing. There are a variety of items to pack but we have managed to list down the most important ones.  Clothes to pack include long sleeved shirts, long trousers to help you avoid skin contact with vegetation during the trek, rain coats and sweaters for the cold weather, cameras for pictures, prescribed medicines for any health complications you may have plus basic items like binoculars, flash light , sun-glasses, sun screen, long trim hat, back-up batteries etc.

Step 5 – Get Ready

You need to be physically fit as you will be trekking for long distances, hiking up and down slopes. If it’s your first time, you could visit the internet and read about past experiences, trekking rules, gorilla parks plus any other vital info to help you along the way.

Once all these steps are done, you are now prepared for a gorilla safari in Africa. For further information, get in touch with us today by sending an email.


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